Product features

A spreadable fresh cheese made with goat’s milk. Very soft and crumbly, this cheese has a white paste and no rind. The flavor of goat milk remains quite distinct on the palate, along with the tang characteristic of fresh cheeses.

Cod. FC85017
Cod. FC85017
Weight: 2 pz x 75 g: 150 g
Pieces in box: 12
Shelf life: 30 gg
Cod. FC85016
Cod. FC85016
Weight: 8 pz x 75 g: 600 g
Pieces in box: 6
Shelf life: 30 gg


MILK, salt, Rennet

Average Nutritional Value per 100 g

Energy valuesKj/Kcal1074 / 259
of which saturatesg15,46
of which sugarsg2,21