Marco, Alvaro e Tina - Taleggio 1982
Marco, Alvaro e Tina - Taleggio 1982

Our father's family

We have always been a family of seasoners, sharing our memories is essential for us, but above all we want to respect our valuable skills acquired over the generations.

"When most of the farmers moved to the plains in the 70s, our father continued to work in the Taleggio Valley and mature cheese in our small home cellars. He refined a method, working on excellent quality local products.

We learned this job from him and we have always been trying to improve ourselves. We are strongly convinced that we can do something important together, both for us and for the Taleggio Valley".

Tina and Marco Arrigoni told their story on August 14th 2004 to Antonio Carminati in the occasion of the interview for the publication of the book "Bergamini", Centro Studi Valle Imagna, Grafica Monti, Bergamo, 2004.

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Experience, Love, Expertise

Aging cellars

Our cellars are natural: we have chosen to build them underground, quarried in the mountain. They are built in reinforced concrete, that is a living material, which helps us to recreate the seasoning conditions of natural caves, a material that communicate with the product.

Natural environments

We work in the Taleggio Valley, and its microclimate helps us to make high quality products.
Cheese is a changing product, and this is the reason why it is important to work in natural environments, that allow us to regulate the development of molds, which are essential for transmitting unique aromas and flavors to our products.

Our manufacturing

The tools we use in processing are also natural: during the maturation process, we put the cheese in wooden crates and we use cotton sheets to protect the rinds and regulate their humidity. Every week we clean the wheels, brushing them with water and salt. We take care of our products.

Every cheese is unique

Each cheese is unique and managing the the diversity is our challenge as seasoners: we have to touch, brush, clean, smell... There are so many gestures and action that we personally do everyday to understand when the cheese is "ready". This is what we have always been doing as we were taught, and it's much of our work, the rest is made by experience and love.


We have been following our ethics, principles and dreams for years.

Our MANIFESTO is the clarification of what we still pursuing today, convinced that we have a responsibility towards our intentions, that we certainly will not betray.

At casArrigoni we declare ourselves:

Our business all over the world

We carefully identify high-quality markets that are able to understand and share our philosophy. 60% of our turnover comes from the foreign market, with exports covering more than 15 countries in the world, from the United States to Japan.

We like the idea that nowadays our products come out of this small valley to go out into the world, to reach people who appreciate our culture and our pre-alpine tradition.

Constant search and careful development

The milk routes: our farm-to-table production chain

We believe that the value of a brand also reflects its ability to network.
For this reason we have looked for and found a community of people and companies able to provide wide variety and great stability to our offer, guaranteeing us a stable and safe production chain.
We found out that we could have the best of the Lombard dairy tradition within only 100 km. In such a short distance we found people who can give us raw materials meeting our standards: adding our skills and our cellars, we can obtain great cheeses.
This is why we have set up our company thanks to solid partnerships:


We run our production processes in the Taleggio Valley, where we are based and collaborate with some cheese producers: the local agricultural dairy cooperative which collects milk from local farmers.

In the Po Plain there are two dairies that are still working for us in an artisanal way, making organic and conventional quality products.

In the Ticino area we have found a company that allows us to have the highest biodynamic quality milk.

Our certifications