When we speak of traditional cheeses we mean those that represent the best of traditional Lombard-area cheese making. Indeed, this category features the cheeses that have been referenced throughout history and have since come to enjoy universal recognition. These constitute a central pillar of our work as well as our history. Over the years we have gotten to know and understand them, gaining the ability to read them from the rind through to the paste. We have come to appreciate them fully and loyally. This is why we have worked so hard to improve the curing and selection phases in an effort to create the best possible conditions for enhancing their quality. We have made certain strategic choices: aging is carried out in underground spaces using natural materials that strike up a dialogue with the cheeses themselves, carefully adjusting the temperature and humidity levels depending on their specific requirements. The cheeses are brought to maturity encased in materials as natural as they are, namely pine wood boxes and cotton cloths that are capable of interacting with the cheese and shaping its organoleptic qualities; the salting steps are carried out regularly each week by hand. Finally, the cheeses are selected by expert hands.