Our biodynamic products are a natural extension of our ORGANIC project and of a range of  ORGANIC products which was created more than fifteen years ago and that has been enriched and improved over the years. Biodynamic philosophy, that is also a lifestyle, sees a strong symbiosis between earth and its living inhabitants to the extent that they are considered as a single complex living organism. In particular, the milk used for these products comes from a biodynamic farm, Cascine Orsine, where the cows are fed solely on fodder produced on site. This fodder is grown according to lunar phases and using only the natural fertilizer produced by the cows without adding synthetic mineral fertilizers nor chemical pesticides.

The cattle have horns unlike all the breeds raised on traditional or organic farms, live free-range, and are treated with homeopathic medicines. The milk is, therefore, of an extremely high quality both from an organoleptic and a microbiological point of view.

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