A docufilm by casArrigoni

Still today
Summer alpine pasture of transhumant bergamini in Val Taleggio

This is a documentary and a short-film shot during the summer of 2020 in collaboration with Società Agricola Locatelli Guglielmo.
It represents our intentions and ambition to document the practice of transhumance, which is very much alive and present nowadays, and also to support and affirm the unfolding of this tradition, which is deeply connected with the culture and the territory of our Valley.
Transhumance is the climb of the herds to the alpine pasture level in summer, in this way the cows can enjoy fresh and good forage.
This practice has almost completely disappeared and only few families in Val Taleggio keep practicing and following an ancient ritual, used over thousands of years.
We want to celebrate this practice by documenting it and we would like people to know that it is still practiced today. We will not let it be only a melancholic memory from a distant past.

A film by Alessandra Beltrame, from an idea of Adele Ravasio
First Assistant Director Andrea Zambelli
Color Correction by Stefano Testa
Music by Jonathan Locatelli