Historical cheese maturing in Valtaleggio

Our stracchino cheeses:

  • We put them into cases made from pine wood, because wood ineracts with cheese in a natural way, exchanging moisture and the molds which are part of our company's history and are essential to lend the product its distinctive flavour and scent
  • We protect them by wrapping them in cotton cheesecloth, which we put between the cheeses and the wood so the rind dos not spoil during the maturing process
  • We mature them in cement maturing cellars which are completely underground, in order to recreate all the natural conditions typical of the old maturing grottos
  • We store them carefully keeping them at an ideal teperature, using a static ice-cold water cooling process, without ventilators, so the air and the moulds are not disturbed and temperature and moisture are kept constant
  • We clean them weekly with water and salt from Sicily, according to a proceedure resulting from years of expertise, without using machines, we prefer a hands on approach that enables us to check our cheeses one by one so we can understand what is needed to be done at any particular moment
  • We mature them for a long time, until they are just right, according to the maturing times of each individual lot. We tend to prolong the maturing process until we feel the best possible results have been reached

We have been doing all this since we began, just as we had been taught.
This is most of our work done, the rest is left up to experience and love.