It's the people that make the cheeses

In more than 30 years we have worked in the world of cheese making and the Valtaleggio farming community, we have constantly striven to unearth and bring to life the VALUES that distinguished our specific and distinctive way of approaching our work and the finished product long before we ever founded the business.

These touchstone principles formed the foundation of the farming culture of the past and they have continued to shape and guide our choices, inspiring us to preserve and respect a generous helping of the traditions that are part of our very DNA. Thanks to this legacy, our current market presence is defined not only by a range of UNIQUE products, but also (and especially) by a business philosophy that can be seen in all we do, in our dedicated and constant commitment to developing the company according to high quality and ethical standards and weaving a network of heartfelt relations with the local area.

The casArrigoni brand stands for the people and cheeses that our family has long produced and aged in our mountain home, in keeping with the most rigorous principles of Valtaleggio and Italian cheese makers: this is where local values become UNIQUE cheeses.