Product features

Crumbly, creamy and aromatic, Roccolino is the result of a family recipe handed down for over twenty years which has transformed this product into a UNIQUE symbol, fruit of the passion and care we put into the long months of maturing.
The cylindrical shape and brown sides of Roccolino were inspired by a typical ancient building of the Taleggio Valley, the ‘roccoli’. Roccolino is unique because it has a split personality: white and crumbly in the middle, with a slightly acidic and milky edge; creamy and amber coloured just under the rind with a buttery and aromatic flavour.

Roccolino has many aromas and flavours, is suitable paired with dry white wines or full-bodied reds, with wholesome slow-leavened breads made with strong flours.

Cod. RO76062
Cod. RO76062
Weight: 500 g ca.
Pieces in box: 4
Shelf life: 60 gg


Italian MILK from organic farming, salt, rennet

Average Nutritional Valued per 100 g

Energy valueskJ/kcal1496 / 361
of which saturatesg23
of which sugarsg1,0



Knives to be used

Knives to be used


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