Product features

Flavored with Italian truffle

Although on the outside Tartù resembles the best known of washed-rind Lombard cheeses, the inside of this unique cheese conceals a precious secret: truffles. The unmistakable and unique avor of black truffle blends perfectly with the aromas and flavors of aged cheese to grant this traditional cheese a unique twist. The slightly yellow paste is dotted with morsels of truffle. Delicate and supple on the palate, this cheese represents a balanced combination of intense and sophisticated flavors.

Cod. AF16040
Cod. AF16040
Weight: 1 Kg ca.
Pieces in box: 2
Shelf life: 60 gg
Cod. AF16055
Cod. AF16055
Weight: 180 g ca.
Pieces in box: 8
Shelf life: 30 gg


COW’S MILK, Tuber aestivum Vitt. (2%), salt, rennet

Average Nutritional Value per 100 g

Energy valueskJ/kcal1278 / 308
of which saturatesg17,60
of which sugarsg0,27



Knives to be used

Knives to be used


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