Product features

This cheese is made by alternating layers of Mascarpone and mild Gorgonzola. As a result, the paste is varied: the layers of mascarpone appear as a smooth, dense, white or pale yellow cream, while the layers of Gorgonzola are solid, creamy and veined. The flavor captures the union of these two different tastes. Mascarpone is known as a delicately flavored, sweet and buttery cream with a milky aftertaste. The Gorgonzola is also mild, but with a more emphatic flavor thanks to its characteristic veining. The resulting product offers a unique and highly pleasant flavor.

Cod. FA87500
Cod. FA87500
Weight: 1,2 Kg ca.
Pieces in box: 2
Shelf life: 25 gg
Cod. FA87505
Cod. FA87505
Weight: 200 g
Pieces in box: 8
Shelf life: 25 gg


COW’S MILK, salt, Rennet

Average Nutritional Value per 100 g

Energy valuesKj/Kcal1627/394
of which saturatesg26
of which sugarsg1