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Finished with pressed Raboso grapes and red Raboso dessert wine

Roccolo Divino is a creative re-interpretation of a highly popular cheese, the Roccolo Valtaleggio, using a very unusual finishing technique. Specifically, the cheese is brought together with an exemplar of Italian excellence, the marc of Raboso dessert wine, a grape variety local to the Veneto region, to produce a pleasantly surprising result. The finished cheese has a fragrant yet slightly tangy flavor as a result of its unusual production technique and lengthy aging (approximately 6 months) that provides the perfect accompaniment for the sumptuous sun-wilted fruit, fig and raisin avor of these grapes with their wild violet and blackberry aromas.

Cod. RO76020
Cod. RO76020
Weight: 2,8 Kg ca.
Pieces in box: 1
Shelf life: 60 gg


MILK, Salt, Rennet. Refined with dryed grapes of Raboso Wine

Ripening: 6 months

Average Nutritional Value per 100 g

Energy valueskJ/kcal1426 / 344
of which saturatesg26
of which sugarsg0,13



Knives to be used

Knives to be used


Amarone oppure Raboso - Barolo - Primitivo