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One of the world’s most delicious inventions

In Valtaleggio, the term Roccolo refers to a cylindrical stone structure surrounded by tall bushes or trees that hunters once used as a site for net hunting. This cheese, born several years ago of the wish and experience of casA, is named after the traditional structure. Having won numerous national and international awards, Roccolo Valtaleggio has taken its place as our agship cheese.It is encased in a thin, rough, brown-colored rind. The centripetal aging process, progressing from the surface to the core, grants the paste a delicate buttery texture toward the outside while the center remains white and crumbly. It thus offers dual avors: an extremely intense and sweet outer layer enclosing a slightly tangy and fresh center. It is aged for an average of 6 months.

Cod. R076011
Cod. R076011
Weight: 2,5 Kg ca.
Pieces in box: 1
Shelf life: 60 gg


COW’S MILK, salt, Rennet

Average Nutritional Value per 100 g

Energy valueskJ1496
Energy valueskcal360
of which saturatesg22,5
of which sugarsg1



Knives to be used

Knives to be used


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