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Traditional, naturally marbled ‘double-paste’ cheese

Until a few decades ago, the local dairy production was mainly focused on stracchino cheeses called Tunt or Quader (round or square) depending on their shape. Strachì€tunt or round stracchino takes its name from this tradition. Even today, the production process involves using freshly milked raw whole milk (used while it is still warm, fresh from the cow) and processed with the old ‘double-paste’ method in which the cooled curd from the evening before is combined with the warm curd of the morning.

Having been overlooked and forgotten for decades, this cheese has been rediscovered and reintroduced to consumers in recent years thanks in part to the dedication and commitment of casA. It was granted DOP status in 2013, a source of great pride for the communities of Taleggio, Vedeseta, Val Brembilla and Blello. The rind is thick and rough with a brown color that tends toward grey as aging progresses. During this process, lasting at least 75 days, holes are punched in the cheese by hand to foster the development of the molds naturally present in the milk and surrounding environment and which grant Strachitunt the naturally irregular marbling typical of this kind of cheese. The aroma is characteristic of marbled cheeses as well, beginning with slightly milky hints followed by metallic tones. The flavor is aromatic and intense, ranging from mild to sharp depending on the degree of aging, fragrant, it melts-in- your-mouth with a pleasant aftertaste.

Cod. RS75030
Cod. RS75030
Weight: 5 Kg ca.
Pieces in box: 1
Shelf life: 60 gg
Cod. RS75042
Cod. RS75042
Weight: 1,25 Kg ca.
Pieces in box: 1 o 4
Shelf life: 45 gg


COW’S MILK, salt, Rennet

Average Nutritional Value per 100 g

Energy valueskJ/kcal1292/312
of which saturatesg21
Carbohydratesg< 1
of which sugarsg< 1



Knives to be used

Knives to be used


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