The molds home

At casArrigoni we are supporters of molds. We know them, we protect them and we respect them.

They are our genetic heritage, and they are very important as they transfer their truly characteristic taste and flavors to our products, giving them an identity.

Our molds are unique because they cannot be replicated.

They originate thanks to specific natural aging cellars underground, where we can ensure the ideal microclimate suitable for the development of good molds, which we control by artisanal processes. Working with molds has been an essential and successful choice for us, as enhancing molds means enhancing the taste of our products.

Keepers of raw milk

Raw milk is our philosophy.

We have been working in close cooperation with the farmers of the Taleggio Valley for ages. That is because we want to safeguard an inestimable heritage dealing with cheese production and high quality mountain agriculture.

The local products we make here are the expression of our great commitment and confidence in the possibilities of the Valley. They are a commitment to the economy and biodiversity of a mountain valley that gave birth to a sector of the actual Italian dairy industry.

The essential elements that allow us to produce excellent raw milk cheese are our indissoluble relation with the local dairy tradition, and of course the high quality milk of our cows that graze our pristine mountain pastures.

In the Taleggio Valley, milk has always been processed with no pasteurization, that means meeting and building up relationships with people and their land: we have direct contact with the environment that hosts us and we acquire knowledge from those who work in it.

Our organic range

Our organic range is an all-round choice of sustainability, applied above all to the plain area.

It is important for us that all the farms that produce the milk for our cheese are as sustainable as possible: we want them to reflect our concept of respect, not only for the environment, but also for animals, products and consumer welfare.

This project has been accompanying our company for years.

Complementing our consolidated organic production experience, we have also begun to produce essential, important and unique cheeses using milk that is not only organic but also Biodynamic, and NOP certified.

100% taleggio valley project

The 100% Taleggio Valley Project reflects the intention of networking the small companies of the area, creating sustainable systems able to improve their profitability with effective communication, and giving these companies the opportunity to present themselves on the markets and connect with consumers.

Territories don't live thanks to large companies only, but above all small ones. So we wanted to create an integrated system around a place and its people, not a product.

It is a project that is not part of our business plan, but it is a connection, a commitment arising spontaneously as we have already been working with breeders and companies for decades.

Our company contributes to give a perspective to this project and activate a virtuous process.

The 100% Taleggio Valley short chain project has the following objectives:

  • to stimulate the consumption of seasonal, local products, made by a short supply chain, with a high identity and a strong tradition
  • to consolidate the relationships among the companies in the Valley, so that they can develop more effective methods of production and marketing strategies
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Mountain production

The European Commission aims to enhance the recognizability of the agri-food productions of mountain territories on the market. This allows producers to add value to their product, identifying themselves better on the market and to protect fragile economies. On the other hand, consumers can have greater awareness and certainty of the origin of the products they buy.

This label is therefore a further geographical identification that promotes the origin of our products and raw materials.

Our company joins this initiative and bears this logo, placing it exclusively on our raw milk cheese produced in the Taleggio Valley.