Product features

Characterized by an exceptional degree of creaminess, this version evokes the way Gorgonzola was once eaten and enjoyed in the Padana Valley area: a cheese so soft it must be served with a spoon. It is sold in a bowl-shaped container with a specially designed lid to protect it from the air. Sweet and buttery on the palate, it melts in your mouth.

Cod. GD87019
Cod. GD87019
Weight: 6 Kg
Pieces in box: 1
Shelf life: 60 gg
Cod. GD87050
Cod. GD87050
Weight: 3 Kg
Pieces in box: 1
Shelf life: 60 GG


COW’S MILK, salt, Rennet

Average Nutritional Value per 100 g

Energy valueskJ/kcal1334/322
of which saturatesg19
of which sugarsg0

Knives to be used

Knives to be used


Friulano - Lugana - Soave - Verdicchio
Biè€re de Garde