Humanity is made up of research and innovation, and these are both not in contrast with tradition, as Oscar Wilde said: "Tradition is successful innovation".
The Irish writer’s quote is a motto for casArrigoni, as we have been acting with awareness and recognition towards the dairy tradition of the Taleggio Valley and the history of the transhumant Bergamini. We are also glad to be part of a unique heritage and be able to continue to enhance it, as well as safeguard it.

At the same time, we strongly believe in the value of research and innovation.
We play an innovative role in many areas to always be able to improve ourselves, our productions and our offers in the marketplace. We have great knowledge of it, because we have always been outside the boundaries of our valley, we are committed to meet our customers, to make projects with them. We try to meet their needs and among their expectations there is also the necessity of new, innovative products, in line with the times and with constantly evolving technologies.

A company is expected to invest in quality and always have something new to offer. It is important to invest, go around the world and see what happens outside the borders, take risks, get involved and sometimes make mistakes.

Our cheeses are the result of our research: we invented them and they did not exist on the market before. How do we create a new kind of cheese?

The ingredients: milk, salt, rennet. It is necessary to invent new products starting from only these three components: it is a great challenge that takes years of work.

The starting point is the dialogue with those who produce our cheeses: we do not have suppliers, but partners, with whom we regularly communicate. This collaboration with our producers is essential.

We must admit that ideas arise above all from our constant research, thoughts and desires of new possibilities: otherwise we might get bored.

After discussing ideas with our producers, we usually begin to do small "domestic" experiments, which are submitted to our contact people: friends or customers to whom we send samples and ask for their opinions about them.

It is therefore necessary to adjust and change what is needed, starting to make more structured tests of the recipe, working on the consistency, the pH, the stewing times and the curd grain: small and large changes during the production process.

Then we do aging tests here at casArrigoni: seasonings times, temperature controls, consistency, humidity...

It is time then, after years, to go out into the world.

Our Creations

Roccolino à la truffe
Gorgonzola AOP piquant
Sulla strada del Bergamino
Gorgonzola et Mascarpone
Robiola de vache
Sampietrino del Mediterraneo
Roccolo Valtaleggio

Our business all over the world

We carefully identify high-quality markets that are able to understand and share our philosophy. 60% of our turnover comes from the foreign market, with exports covering more than 15 countries in the world, from the United States to Japan.

We like the idea that nowadays our products come out of this small valley to go out into the world, to reach people who appreciate our culture and our pre-alpine tradition.

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