Traditional seasoners in the taleggio valley

We don't produce cheese, but we leave our mark, our identity as seasoners.

Seasoning is indeed a long process which transforms the product, giving it an identity and making it acquire our own characteristics: colors, flavors and shapes.

At casArrigoni we have been seasoning as our ancestors used to. We work with awareness and recognition towards the dairy tradition of the Taleggio Valley as what we define “traditional” is a guarantee of great value and efficient method.

The taleggio valley

The Taleggio Valley is not just a beautiful pre-alpine valley in the province of Bergamo.

It's what local people have been able to produce over the centuries, which is still partly there. Here people - who have always been primarily breeders and cheesemakers - have not taken away but added, modified and also enriched this “Eco-System”: a great contribution to a unique valley, to its own identity and features.

Tartù BIO

Tartù BIO

Même si l’aspect externe est similaire aux fromages lombards à croûte lavée, c’est à l’intérieur que ce fromage cache un grand secret : la truffe noire. La saveur unique de la truffe est en harmonie avec les saveurs du fromage affin&eacu...
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Gorgonzola AOP piquant

Gorgonzola AOP piquant

Fromages traditionnels
Plus compacte et plus marbrée de moisissures vertes / grises, la version du Gorgonzola piquant est sans doute la plus distinctive, tant du point de vue organoleptique que visuel. C’est dans la phase de production, en choisissant les ingrédients justes, que l’on confè...
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Research and design come naturally

Research and innovation make casArrigoni what it is.
We have never experienced innovation as a process in contrast with tradition.
We spontaneously do research in many areas to always be able to improve ourselves, our productions and our offers.
We work with awareness and recognition of the dairy tradition of the Taleggio Valley which, at its time, also played an innovative role.
We strongly believe in creativity and entrepreneurship, which has ancient origins and has given rise to tradition.
As Oscar Wilde said:"Tradition is successful innovation".
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